ZaRecords Mixtape 9: Languages

Remember how earlier this week I tried to get you to guess what the theme of the upcoming Mixtape would be, based on Radio Radio’s song? It’s time for the big reveal! For the 9th Mixtape, my friend Arni and I present to you songs performed in various odd, old and otherwise less-known languages throughout the world. We talk a little about the history of the languages and of the peoples they belong to, demonstrate a bit of ignorance here and there (for which we apologize and ask you to enlighten us in the comments or on Facebook, if you can) and have a couple of hearty laughs. Enjoy!


ZaRecords Mixtape 8: Books

Time for another mixtape! A true one this time, not a simple top. I’m joined in this new musical discussion by my friend Ștefana, author of the ZaBooks blog, which some of you might know is the reason I started writing ZaRecords in the first place. I’m very glad to finally be able to catch her on a free day – we’ve been planning this podcast for years (literally). So, the 8th Mixtape is all about music inspired by or based on literary works – as you’ll see, we cover everything from novels to poetry, stopping by the playwright wilds and sending a wink to Edgar Allan Poe along the way. As you might expect, this one is a bit more wordy than the others – blame it on the theme! Enjoy, and be sure to leave us a comment with your impressions!

Top 13 For 2013

From my point of view, the year 2013 was a strange one insofar as music is concerned. I had much trouble writing about albums I liked – so much trouble, in fact, that I didn’t write much of anything. I felt assaulted by a cold, artificial tide of sound and I could only dive in once I learned how to reconnect to my trance/electronic music years. To be perfectly honest, the year as a whole has been peppered with tracks I loved, grinning sheepishly on entire LPs I struggled with. It’s not that 2013 was a drought year in music, it’s that this blog’s formula was not designed to accommodate it entirely and I was too uninspired to change said formula. In any case, I couldn’t let the year fade into the past without compiling this top 13, just as I tried to do last year. So, without further ado, here’s my top 13 tracks of 2013, in no particular order. I hope you guys find it enjoyable!

ZaRecords Mixtape 7: Colors

Time for another mixtape! I am joined again by my dear friend Mihaela, for a selection of songs inspired by or inspiring of various colors! We didn’t over-analyze and over-think this, we just went with what we liked and compromised as much as we felt comfortable with, so here’s our final selection of colors! Enjoy!

News! “Singles” and a Poll!

I’ve been thinking of ways to make ZaRecords more active and more engaging for everyone, and this is what I’ve come up with so far:


Firstly, a new idea: “Singles”, very short posts showcasing a song of the day, maybe even accompanied by a “B-Side” once in a while. This will be a way for the music to keep playing and for you, my friends, to maybe discover new acts whose albums I wouldn’t necessarily cover, but who might pique your interest. As with the regular album posts, I would be delighted to receive suggestions and comments. The first ZaRecords single is by Seattle band Battleme. I would’ve probably heard of them before this morning, had I been a faithful watcher of “Sons of Anarchy”, as I know many of you must be, because apparently their music was prominently featured on that show. The song is “Wait for me”, a half-grunge, half-glam ear-worm that just hit the spot today. Enjoy!

But wait, there’s more! I’ve also made a poll for you to answer, regarding the Mixtapes. I’ve been playing around with the concept, and I honestly can’t decide which way to go, so I’m asking for your help! The poll is pretty self-explanatory, so please don’t be shy, answer away!

As a finishing note, ZaRecords now has its own domain! Thank you for sticking with me so far and for giving me the confidence to keep investing my time and passion in this enterprise! Keep them records spinning!