ZaRecords Mixtape 7: Colors

Time for another mixtape! I am joined again by my dear friend Mihaela, for a selection of songs inspired by or inspiring of various colors! We didn’t over-analyze and over-think this, we just went with what we liked and compromised as much as we felt comfortable with, so here’s our final selection of colors! Enjoy!


Tina Turner – GoldenEye (1995)

What I have for you today is probably the most easily recognizable Bond theme, if not the best (although I am a bit conflicted about that, given that Garbage, Jack White & Alicia Keys and Adele have all presented some very strong contenders since this theme hit the screens). Well, if it isn’t “simply the best” – no, I will not apologize for the pun, deal with it! – at least I can safely say it’s my favorite, given my long-time fascination with Tina Turner and my love for her smoky voice. What you might not know is that the song was written for her by Bono and The Edge, of U2 fame (it surprised the hell out of me when I learned it, I have to say). Anyway, here’s the song of the day – enjoy!