Daniela Andrade – Digital Age

Hello world!

ZaRecords is coming back, friends.

After two and a half years, it’s about time. There will be new content and new ideas. There might even be new people involved. We’ll see. Hopefully together!

And because cycles are wonderful, I’m marking this (slight) return with one of Daniela Andrade‘s most recent songs, off her fresh “Shore” EP. Her music has changed shape and color, but its heart stays the same throughout the years. Investigate her work now, if you haven’t before. It’s far more visual, it’s become as lush as it’s always aluded to, even during the most naive inklings she put out years ago. “Shore” goes hand in hand with a beautiful series of videos. If you like them, support Daniela here.

That’s the plan for ZaRecords too – something old, something new, something borrowed, something avant-garde. 🙂 My marriage to this craft of translating one art to another remains unshaken.

If you like the song, I encourage you to support Daniela Andrade (and ZaRecords) by simply buying the Shore EP. Just click on the image below!