ZaRecords Mixtape 9: Languages

Remember how earlier this week I tried to get you to guess what the theme of the upcoming Mixtape would be, based on Radio Radio’s song? It’s time for the big reveal! For the 9th Mixtape, my friend Arni and I present to you songs performed in various odd, old and otherwise less-known languages throughout the world. We talk a little about the history of the languages and of the peoples they belong to, demonstrate a bit of ignorance here and there (for which we apologize and ask you to enlighten us in the comments or on Facebook, if you can) and have a couple of hearty laughs. Enjoy!


Raul Midón, Richard Bona – Jazz in Marciac (2011)

I was thinking of making Saturday a live concert day on ZaRecords – every one a different live show from the tubes, less talk, more music. Does that sound good? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook, whichever. In any case, to kick it off, I came across this wonderful pairing of musicians: the tremendous Raul Midón, an overwhelmingly awesome voice, and a remarkable guitar player, especially amazing since the man is blind, and the one and only Richard Bona, one of the most expressive and profoundly groovy bass players in the world, gifted with a tremendous voice, so amazing he can sit alongside Bobby McFerrin like it ain’t no thing.

I’ve seen Richard Bona live, in Dortmund, as a sort-of “yo, welcome” from Germany to me when I got there, in 2006. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced, and this live recording is every bit as scintillating and engaging. Check it out, and get you groove on people, it’s spring!