Top 13 For 2013

From my point of view, the year 2013 was a strange one insofar as music is concerned. I had much trouble writing about albums I liked – so much trouble, in fact, that I didn’t write much of anything. I felt assaulted by a cold, artificial tide of sound and I could only dive in once I learned how to reconnect to my trance/electronic music years. To be perfectly honest, the year as a whole has been peppered with tracks I loved, grinning sheepishly on entire LPs I struggled with. It’s not that 2013 was a drought year in music, it’s that this blog’s formula was not designed to accommodate it entirely and I was too uninspired to change said formula. In any case, I couldn’t let the year fade into the past without compiling this top 13, just as I tried to do last year. So, without further ado, here’s my top 13 tracks of 2013, in no particular order. I hope you guys find it enjoyable!


ZaRecords Mixtape 2 – Funny

I know I said I’d make one of these every two weeks, but what I meant was “twice a month”. Or maybe I should just admit I was really excited making the first mixtape, and simply couldn’t wait to put together the follow-up. This week, I’m joined by my dear friend Mihaela in our exploration of humor and music through a list of five songs each, plus a bonus intro and outro track! That makes twelve of the funniest songs we could think of, and believe us when we say, the selection was grueling! As always, I’m very thankful for you feedback and comments, and I’m almost sure that so is Mihaela, so please, let us know what you think and let the suggestions flow! Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.