Jason Webley – Northern Lights (2002)

Today’s single is a hare’s breath removed from a lullaby. Jason Webley is a very prolific and theatrical musician, a traveler, a carnie without a carnival. He has worked with Amanda Palmer (of Dresden Dolls fame) in the Evelyn Evelyn project – a musical circus side-show, mesmerizing, unsettling and wonderful. He has provided the weather song for Episode 9 of the infamous Welcome to Night Vale podcast.

He has also recorded a good number of albums of his own; this song comes from his 2002 album, “Counterpoint” – an amazing, complex work, that I recommend in its entirety to anyone whose interest was ever aroused by Leonard Cohen – to whom Webley pays candid tribute on one of the songs – or Tom Waits, or The Doors, or…

But, before you go, don’t forget to enjoy the arctic reverie of Northern Lights, one of the most beautiful, gentle songs on the record. The lyrics are cloaked in poetry and longing, and the music innocently and cruelly pulls at heartstrings in a childish way. Look up…


ZaRecords Mixtape 7: Colors

Time for another mixtape! I am joined again by my dear friend Mihaela, for a selection of songs inspired by or inspiring of various colors! We didn’t over-analyze and over-think this, we just went with what we liked and compromised as much as we felt comfortable with, so here’s our final selection of colors! Enjoy!